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Vintage Vehicles, Inc., founded in 1974, is a team of highly trained craftsmen dedicated exclusively to the restoration of Classic and other extraordinary cars including Collectibles, Antiques and Milestone vehicles.

Bodywork, paint, engine, drivetrain and trim restoration work is done in one place: Vintage Vehicles secures 11,500 square foot shops.  Shops are specifically designed for restorations of fine autos.  Special tooling and equipment assure excellent and correct results.

Owners send their treasured cars to Vintage Vehicles from many states and from abroad.

Vintage Vehicles can arrange reliable, fully insured trailer services to transport your vehicle to us from any place in the country and safely return it to you after restoration.

We keep a detailed written and photographic record of the progress of each restoration, with an extensive reference library on unique vehicles and original manuals for most every model.  This database saves time and expense and insures excellence in workmanship.  We invite partial restorations.

Trim, also referred to as stainless steel, aluminum, nickel or chrome-plated bright work, is the "finishing touch" so essential to a valuable vehicle's appeal and glamour (especially after a paint job).  Our services include Interior and exterior auto stainless moldings, beauty rings, head and tail lights, radiator shells and hubcaps.  We straighten, remove dents, holes and scratches, and then polish to beautiful condition.

Vintage Vehicles meticulously restores every trim piece to mint condition.  We receive body moldings, radiator shells, wheel covers, etc., for welding, straightening and polishing to original factory finishes from customers across all 50 states and Canada, England, Germany and South America.  After restoration, trim is carefully packed and shipped back.  We are a United Parcel Shipper.

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